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5 Ways to Help Kids Remember Travel

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

5 Ways to Help Kids Remember Travel

As a travel advisor who is always planning trips for either clients or my own family, memories are something that I always strive to create while traveling. Curiosity, exploring, and new places are for sure ways to create meaningful family memories. This list will help kids remember their travel experiences and help preserve your family. memories.


01 Photo Books

Capture as many photos as you can of your family and also include photos of landmarks, transportation, something that surprises you, local market or restaurant, wildlife. When you get back home make a photo book and keep it in your family room or the room that occupies your family the most.

02 Conversations

Conversations are a great way to keep the memories alive. Let your kids know when you are going, why you are going, some of the things you'll be doing so that they get a good sense of curiosity. Reinforce trip through details and conversations with your littles.

03 Rock Painting

Paint a rock to take on vacation & then hide it during your trip to share with others. Paint another rock with something that you experienced on your trip and start a vacay rock collection.

04 Vacation Tradition

Start a vacation tradition like wearing novelty

glasses for a picture at a landmark or something you create. Pick something that will grow with your family throughout the years.

05 Out of the Ordinary

Hey mom, remember the trip where we ate ice cream for breakfast?! Do something that only happens on vacation! I wouldn't normally let my kids eat ice cream for breakfast but on vacation we do step outside of our ordinary. One day of ice cream breakfast on a trip has my children feeling like they are conquering the world. We do something out of the ordinary each trip and each trip it's something different that we normally wouldn't do.


What are some of the ways that you help kids remember travel? What do you think of these ideas to remember travel?

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