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Light Bulbs, Twinkies and Meetup!

Hello There!

Here's an update on travel safety measures and tips you can take to protect yourself while traveling. Also, let's chat about light bulbs, twinkies and meetup!

Light Bulbs, Twinkies, and

You may be wondering what on Earth light bulbs, twinkies and have anything to do with travel. Granted, these things aren't relevant to the travel industry however they are relevant to our current situation. These things were all invented out of a crisis. The fluorescent bulb was developed for residential use due to the 1970's oil crisis. Twinkies were first produced in 1930 by a baker desperate to keep his business open after strawberry season. was developed after 9/11 as a way to help keep the world in touch.

Amazing innovation happens out of necessity and that's where we are in the travel industry. The travel industry is working creatively, collectively and responsibly to help reduce risk and keep our guests safe. The industry is rising and being innovative to strengthen our community. We are seeing first-of the-kind technology and travel practices. I have been working in this industry for a while. I have never experienced anything like our current times. If you would have told me that the travel industry would come to a halt, I would probably think you're crazy. Yet here we are.

Here's what I've learned during these unique times. I can handle more than I ever knew was possible. I can pivot my business. I can change with the times. I can become better than before to serve my clients.

As the world opens back up, as we start thinking about traveling again and moving forward, I thought it would be a good time to update you on safety measures the industry has encompassed.

I want you to know that the safety of my travel community is a top priority and that's why I'm writing this. I'm looking out for you whenever you decide to return to travel and have you covered.

I've had people reach out and ask if it's safe to travel. You may be wondering if it's safe to travel too. Truth is - you hold the answer to that question. While I can't answer this question for you - what I can do is provide accurate information, give you safety measures, and help prepare you for travel when you are ready. As a travel advisor, it's my job to help you know what to expect.

You may not be interested in traveling right now and that's okay - I'm not writing this to sell vacations. I did not get into this profession to be a salesperson. This profession called to me because I love to help people experience new travel opportunities and I wanted to make it easier for families to travel together and reduce stress. The travel industry will be waiting for you when you decide to seek new travel experiences again.

Some of my clients are comfortable traveling right now while some are more comfortable dreaming of travel from home. Whichever side of the pie you're on is a personal decision. Please know that I am committed to supporting you through these difficult times.

As the tides of the pandemic shift, I realize that there is a challenging balance of feeling safe and getting clear information. It seems like information changes daily. The good news is that I'm keeping up-to-date on these changes for you and maybe sipping a drink of wine every time something new rolls out. Am I only one missing airport cocktails?

I have been tremendously impressed by how much the industry has taken a comprehensive look at things. From how to avoid crowds, how many lanes of security are open, modified bag checks to entering queues. All the rules have changed but I'll be by your side to help guide you through these changes. When the time comes you can travel with confidence and know that the industry, including me, cares about you and your family.

Covid has changed the travel industry and these changes are going to be around for quite a while. The industry has put a great deal of effort into reducing risk. Each supplier that I work with follows government and CDC recommendations. They have gone above those recommendations and have consulted and contracted with their own team of medical professionals, advisory boards and councils. Here are some of the safety measures in place:


Returning to a World of Magic-Disney Guide

Universal Orlando Resort


Hilton has partnered with RB, makers of Lysol® & Dettol®*, to help deliver an even cleaner stay for guests with the creation of the Hilton CleanStay program.


Marriott Cleanliness Council consists of in-house and outside experts in food and water safety, hygiene and infection prevention, and hotel operations.


John Glenn International Airport


Orlando International Airport


Prior to Your Trip

Exposure Risk Budget

Just like a vacation budget or household budget, plan to reduce your exposure risk by budgeting your contact with other people prior to traveling. Keep close contacts to a minimum, avoiding large gatherings and not staying too long in places where people congregate.

Before you set foot in the airport, board the plane or unpack in your hotel room, take time to consider how you'll protect yourself and those around you while traveling.


Create a packing list for your carry-on bag that includes hand sanitizer (at least 60 % alcohol), disinfecting wipes and extra face coverings. Bring eye drops to combat dry air that can leave your eyes irritated and prone to touching.


Use a Roller Suitcase for luggage because these suitcases stand up and are less likely to rest on floors or surfaces.

Bring a travel size First Aid Kit with thermometer

At the Airport & on the Plane

Wear a mask and remember to wash your hands frequently with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds.


Avoid touching eyes, mouth or nose after you've been in public places.


Keep sanitizer and disinfecting wipes within reach on the plane. Once you are at your seat: wipe headrest, seat belt, armrest, tray table for extra cleanliness and peace of mind. Wipe any in-flight entertainment equipment.

As you can see, the travel industry is working hard to reduce risk and promote safety. The industry will come back and I think it will come back better than before! Please reach out if you have any questions. Thanks for being part of my travel community!

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