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Wondering What I've Been Up To?

Updated: Sep 23, 2020


I've been calling this our 1980's summer as it reminds me of my childhood with tons of outdoor play, evening biking, and neighborhood exploring. We particularly love natural play areas, creek beds, native prairies, and trails. Of all things, my daughter, 9, loves big tree roots. I reworked my backyard landscaping. My favorite new flower additions are pink and yellow Lantana! I have kicked up my porch game by adding outdoor string lights and new patio decorations. Think Bohemian vibe. I even managed to seal my driveway with my son, 11, who loves assisting with home projects. I hope you've been able to enjoy some summer activities during these uncertain times. I hope you've made new memories and deep belly laughs with your loved ones. 


Oh my, it's been a busy and exciting time in the office! I've started a new travel certification program. I can't wait to share more with you upon completion.

I'm a designated Certified Hawaii Specialist. I've worked through the program and can't wait to share new knowledge, sustainable travel ideas, and cultural awareness of the islands with you.

I'm happy to report that I've enrolled in ASTA Global Live. This convention is held annually for industry professionals for inspiration, education, and entertainment. This year it's going virtual, and I'm excited to learn and network with The American Society of Travel Advisors.

I'll be attending the following sessions:

Exhibitor Showcase

Supplier/ Advisor Networking

Learning Luncheons with Hilton, Best Western Group, and experience Croatia

Puerto Rico Mixology, Culinary and Dance

Small Business Networking

LGBTQ+ Community Travel

I'm in virtual meetings 2-3 times a week to keep up to date on policy changes and safety measures. I want you to know that the travel industry is working hard to protect you by reducing risk and collectively working towards responsible tourism during these uncertain times. Travel is going to come back better than ever! When you're ready, I hope that you will keep me in mind for your next travel adventure.  

Check out my new park accessories above!

I am so excited about allll the things going on and coming up. I hope you’ll be the biggest part of it! Thank you for being part of my travel community!

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